The Book Of Collective Conciousness

Graciously provided by the Charles Mbologie Fund

Graciously provided by the Charles Mbologie Fund

Before migrating we decided that it would be necessary for us to have a way of documenting consciousness collectively in whatever from it comes. This is important for future writing, sound making and helps us to learn from and respond to each other.

We have chosen to include this book in our blog as it will give an insight into our creative practice. Sometimes there will be images directly from the book, and sometimes elaborations and further research deriving from ideas introduced in the book.

We will introduce you to Professor Charles Mboligie another time, He is our gracious benefactor and he provided us with this book.


Abandoned Russian Town

Images from a village, abandoned following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, in the Brandeburg area, just outside Berlin. We are exploring recording music for the album in significant spaces, adapting our performance to resonate with the space.

Travels To Zwickau

Travelled to Zwickau, south of Liepzig in Germany, this week for a gig at the beautiful Alter Gasometer venue, an old coffee roasting warehouse. We were well looked after by all, welcomed by a crowd of warm and open people and even had this film made for us on the fly by the wonderful Kevin Coen. Notice the snow, in mid-October. Magical.


The Nightjar are on the road…

So we quit our jobs and decided to hit the road, play some gigs in Europe, busk through unfamiliar lands and spend the winter recording The Nightjar album #1. Everyone we’ve talked to thinks it’s a great plan, even Mo’s nan. We’ll be in Berlin for October then we’re gradually heading to Portugal. So if you can offer us a gig/place to stay/help/words of encouragement en route then please get in touch.

Gigs are gradually getting booked so have a look at the gigs pages for news of where we’ll be.

New Stuff

New material for gigs and for another release on the horizon. Shared here in some rough films of us at Mo’s house. Ami Phipps on the knobs.

Wilderness and The Traveling Folk Barn

The Nightjar will be opening Saturday’s line up in the Traveling Folk Barn at Wilderness Festival 2015. The barn is a beautiful timber structure, cosy in the day, hosts a fine party in the night. The line up for the whole weekend looks stunning so why go anywhere else?



Festivals, Gigs and more

Such great gigs over the last three months. We have been spoilt. We are pleased to announce a busy summer of festivals and fine times including The Harrison’s (legendary) All Day Folk Festival, music and philosophy at Hay on Wye, music and more music at Fire In The Mountain and the honour of supporting Bjork at Wilderness. We hope to see you there. For more details check out our gigs page.