prsf-logo-high-resThe live shows presenting ‘Objects’, The Nightjar’s debut album, were supported and developed by funds from the PRS for Music Foundation.

The Nightjar (UK) tour dates


Previous Gigs


Fire In The Mountain 2017


15th Green Note


15th Proud, Camden

17th The Cube, Bristol


24th – Timeout Folk and Roots @ The Jazz Cafe, London. The Nightjar, with Young Waters, Nina Harries, Ruth Theodore and Whiskey Moon Face.


17th -19th – Fanny Hatstand tour in Martock, Bridport and Langport, Somerset.

20th November – The Nightjar @ The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, UK

26th November – Unamplifier festival with The Nest Collective, London, UK


23rd October – The Nightjar @ The Harrison All Day Folk Festival, Kings Cross, London, UK


21st September – The Nightjar (supporting Apple Of My Eye) @ St Pancras Old Church, Kings Cross, London, UK


6th August – The Nightjar @ The Travelling Folk Barn, Wilderness Festival, UK

26th August – The Nightjar @ Shambala Festival, UK

28th August – The Nightjar @ The Old Mine House Festival, Devon, UK

29th August – The Nightjar @ The Bread and Roses, Plymouth, Devon, UK


5th July – The Nightjar @ Folk and Honey Launch Night, Old Queen’s Head, London, UK

9th July – The Nightjar @ The Rollright Fayre, Oxfordshire, UK

29th July – The Nightjar @ Leopallooza Festival, Bude, UK

30th July – The Nightjar @ Cambridge Folk Festival, UK

31st July – The Nightjar @ Bimble Banbada Festival, Sussex, UK


3rd June – The Nightjar @ Fanny’s Meadow Festival, Sommerset, UK

4th June – The Nightjar@ Fire in the Mountain Festival, Wales

18th June – The Nightjar @ The Magic Garden, London, UK


18th May – The Nightjar @ B Bar, Plymouth, UK

24th May – The Nightjar @ Woodburner, Dalston Curve Garden, London, UK

26th May – The Nightjar @ Stable Pizza, London, UK

29th May – The Nightjar @ The Jamboree, London, UK


01nd April – The Nightjar @ El Chicho, Bordeaux, France

02nd April- The Nightjar @ Salmanazar, Wam Records, Toulouse, France

14th April – The Nightjar @ TBC, Hof, Bavaria, Germany

16th April – The Nightjar @ Koffer Bar, Berlin, Germany

17th April – The Nightjar @ Flowmarkt at the Prinzessinenagerten, Berlin, Germany

21st April – The Nightjar @ Coco Liebe, Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

22nd April – The Nightjar @ Ofen Bar, Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

23rd April – The Nightjar @ Veboz Bar, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

29th April – The Nightjar @ Ehrenfeldbar, Cologne, Germany


26th February – The Nightjar @ Convento De Serta, Portugal



13th December – The Nightjar @ Clube Da Serta, Serta, Portugal.


10th November – The Nightjar @ Ofen Bar, Berlin


10th October – The Nightjar @ Aller Eck, Wieser Strasse, NeuKoln, Germany

14th October – The Nightjar @ Alter Gasometer, Zwickau, Germany

17th October – The Nightjar @ Old Man Deadly, Kreuzberg, Berlin

22nd October – The Nightjar @ LaBettolab, Berlin

23rd October – The Nightjar @ Arcanoa, Berlin

24th October – 13:00 The Nightjar @ Kreuzboerg Flowmarkt, Berlin

24th October – The Nightjar (support) Rozi Plain @ Monarch, Berlin

31st October – The Nightjar @ Cocoliebe, NeuKoln, Berlin


1st September – The Nightjar @ Woodburner, Dalston Curve Garden

2nd September – The Nightjar @ Arena Sessions, Manor House

27th September – The Nightjar @ The Jamboree, London


8th August, 12:00 – The Nightjar @ Travelling Folk Barn, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire


Wednesday 22nd July – The Nightjar @ The Green Note, Camden


Saturday 23rd May, 18:00 / Sunday 24th May, 12:00 – The Nightjar @ HowTheLightGetsIn; The Philosophy and Music Festival at Hay, Hay On Wye

29th-31st May – The Nightjar @ Fire In the Mountain, Aberystwyth


Sunday 19th April – The Nightjar @ The Harrison’s All Day Folk Festival, King’s Cross, London


Friday 20th March – The Nightjar @ The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, London

Monday 30th March – The Nightjar (support) @ Lost In The Manor, The Finsbury, London