Re-appropriation of space and sound. Abandoned villages.

Our trip to Vogelsang, an abandoned district of Zehdenick in Brandenburg, Germany.  Our trip led us out of Berlin and through the quiet and sparse suburbs. The journey to Vogelsang was narrated with storys of the past, local and global history. We had Jon with us, a history teacher and storyteller extrordinaire.

We parked the car at a tiny empty railway station and began the journey guided by various GPS phone assistants. As far as I could tell the GPS just showed a red dot, in the middle of a green screen. The green screen was forest. Jon led us through the green screen where we found mushrooms that looked like soft coral. We were getting further away from civilisation.

IMG_20151020_133240 IMG_20151020_134933

We then found a road overgrown and covered by mulch but clearly still used, presumable by forest workers. This led us to Vogelsang.




We are silent for much of our time in Vogelsang but we stuck together. The first few building seemed domestic, with bedrooms and kitchens, hand painted geometric patterns on the walls. The interiors and building were bare, stripped of anything valuable, often defaced and decorated by vandals and artists. The space had deteriorated with passing time and lack of care. The forest was encroaching upon the structures; tall thin trees barred the windows when looking out from inside giving a sense of invasion, and entrapment. A sense that provokes an instinct to flee. The buildings passively retained their purpose and identity despite desolving into the landscape. We peeked around dark corners always on the back foot and prepared to flee from anything unexpected or shocking.
Vogelsang concert hall

We stumbled upon the concert hall and began to navigate the space and sound. A startling space full of the memory of occasion. I was struck and impressed by the vastness and resonance of the space and its specific purpose. This was a space designed to be full of audiences, listeners. Now full of the sound of space. We had a good listen then begun exploring with sound. Its ability to fill and how it responds to containment.

Notes on discussion on the way home in The Book Of Collective Conciousness.

Notes from Book

On the journey home we decided that it was essential that we are able to record our sound experments and explorations. Experiance of space is becoming an intergral part of our creative process.,_Zehdenick

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